Bangladesh branch

Bangladesh is one of the most highly populated countries in the world.  There are an estimated 160 million people living in an area 3.5 times smaller than Thailand.  The country is located in the Ganges-Brahmputra River Delta and a large proportion of the country is submerged by monsoon flooding each year.  Tilapia has now become a very important food fish in the country due to improved growth and yield over traditional carp species.  The country has great potential for fish culture, particularly in cages, due to the vast river systems that crisscross the country.

Spectra-Hexa-Nam Sai is a joint venture between Spectra Hexa Co. Ltd., a Thai-Bangladesh feed company, and Nam Sai Co. Ltd.  The farm is located in Mymensingh district, 120 km north of the capital Dhaka.  The 10 ha farm opened in July 2010 and was expanded further in 2011.  Plans are now under way to open a branch in another area of the country, such has been the huge response and demand for our monosex tilapia all over the country.

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