Export Prices


Export prices:

No.bought Price in Thai baht Price in US $ for 100
Blacks Reds Blacks Reds
<10,000 0.90 1.20 3.00 4.00
<20,000 0.80 1.10 2.67 3.67
<30,000 0.75 1.05 2.50 3.50
<50,000 0.70 1.00 2.33 3.33
>50,000 0.65 0.95 2.17 3.17
>100,000 0.60 0.90 2.00 3.00
Prices are for 1 inch fry (0.25g). Packing materials & transport not included.
Minimum price of fry: 5,000 baht/order
Baht/$US = 30

Packing and Transport:

1” monosex or swim-up fry (not yet sexually differentiated) can be transported by air to many international airports located worldwide. The number of fish that can be packed per box decreases with increasing transport time according to the following table:

Destination Total transport time (hours) Fry packed per box
1" monosex Swim-up
Thailand 6 to 10 3,000 20,000
Asia, close by 10 to 15 2,000 15,000
Asia, far 15 to 20 1,800 12,000
Middle East 15 to 20 1,800 12,000
Europe 25-35 1,400 10,000
Africa 30 - 45 1,000 8.000
U.S.A. 35 - 45 1,000 8,000

Packing cost per box:

Details Packing cost per box
Baht $US
Foam box 80 2.67
Packing fee per box 35 1.17
Total 115 3.83
Baht/$US = 30

The transport costs and risks increase as the transport distance increases and Nam Sai does not recommend sending monosex fry for journeys over 35 hours. In this case, purchase of swim-up fry as a “do-it-yourself” package is advised (see swim-up fry).

Export procedure:

Nam Sai Farms uses a shipping company to pick up fish from the farm and arrange air transport. If a customer requires a quotation, the first question is, are there any airlines flying from Bangkok to the destination airport that will carry live fish? For most international airports in Asia, the Middle East and Europe there is, but for most African and South American destinations there isn’t. One way around this is for the customer to find a transhipping agent, located near a major international airline, who can transfer the fish to an airline that can fly live fish to the final destination.

For example, there are no airlines that will take fish to Bogota, Columbia from Bangkok. Instead, Nam Sai could send the fish to a transshipping agent in Miami and he will take care of the final leg of the journey. Unfortunately, it is up to the customer to find a transshipping agent and make a deal, as Nam Sai has no contacts in this respect. In the event that there is a flight service, Nam Sai will issue a sample invoice based on the air freight costs quoted by the shipping company. The customer can then decide whether to go ahead and start the ball rolling.

Import documents:

There are a number of documents that may be required to import live fish and this will vary according to the regulations of each country. It is important that the customer contacts the local authorities to find out the correct procedure. This is often difficult the first time, but gets easier with practice. Nam Sai can provide the following documents for customers:

Type of document Cost Issued
Baht $US
Invoice 0 0 Well in advance of shipment
Packing list 0 0 Well in advance of shipment
Health certificate 1,800 60.00 1 – 3 days prior to shipment
Certificate of origin 500 16.67 1 – 2 days prior to shipment
Non-GMO certificate 0 0 Well in advance of shipment
Advance airway bill 0 0 1 – 2 days prior to shipment
Airway bill 100 3.33 After checking fish in at the airport

It is important the customer provide a name, address, phone and fax number so that the documents can be completed. They will be sent by email (scanned) and/or by fax as they become available.

Air freight cost:

There are a number of fixed shipping costs that are charged for any size of order and these are not dependent on destination:

Details Cost per shipment
Baht $US
Customs fees 350 11.67
Duty stamp 13 0.43
Airway bill 100 3.33
Terminal charge 140 4.67
Export documentation 540 18.00
Shipper service charge 500 16.67
Transport to airport (up to 55 boxes) 1,300 13.33
Total 2,943 98.10
Baht/$US = 30

Airlines charge different rates depending on the shipment size. In general, there is a reduction in the air freight cost per kg with increasing shipment size. Prices and transport times also vary between airlines and they fluctuate regularly. Certain airlines also have their own additional charges that are specific to that airline. For these reasons, it is not possible to provide accurate, up to date costs on air freight charges in this website.

Nam Sai Farms will be happy to provide a quotation based on current airline prices, but please allow a couple of days for our shipping company to contact the relevant airlines. Any information on possible airline services to your international airport would be most appreciated.