Internship & Training


Internships & training

Nam Sai is highly supportive of student training, internships and research. Each year the farm provides training in monosex technology to 10-20 Thai students from various universities and institutions around the country. They mostly arrive in March and April during the summer holidays spending 1 – 2 months at the farm. The practical experience they gain in a commercial setting will be very valuable to them in their pursuit of an aquaculture career. Evaluation is carried out by the respective farm managers where the students are placed.

Nam Sai also hosts 3 to 6 foreign students each year. They are mostly concerned with carrying out research for their MSc. or PhD. theses, although we now have an increasing number of French interns who stay from 3 to 6 months getting work experience, doing an economic analysis of the business and doing a small piece of research. Nam Sai provides free accommodation for all students, but meals are not provided. Foreign students are also given a motorcycle for transport and are provided computer and internet access. Warren Turner himself coordinates all foreign students and supervises all research work at the farm.