Farm gate sales:

All fish, feed and equipment purchased at the farm gate must be paid for immediately on receiving the goods. The following options are available for payment:

1) Cash

2) Transfer money – please contact the sales department for the bank account details most suitable for you and inform our staff that you intend to transfer money prior to picking up your goods.

Export sales:

Payment for all goods must be made in advance of dispatch and the following options are available:

1) Transfer money – the account details are printed at the bottom of the invoice. It would be helpful if you could inform us when and how much money has been transferred so that we can identify where any money appearing in the account has come from.

2) Pay by letter of credit (L/C) – not a preferred method of payment due to the horrendous time and money wasted. Nam Sai will consider doing an L/C just as long as the total money is over 150,000 baht ($3,750). The customer should keep the terms of the L/C to a bare minimum and contact with a Thai bank would be most preferable. The bank fees are high for an L/C ($200) and they will be added to the price of the goods.