Nam Sai Farms maintains 2-3 lines of each pure tilapia strain and these can be purchased as swim-up fry (see section on swim-up fry) which have not yet undergone sex reversal. Each line is produced from different parent fish, that are recognized as being improved in certain traits. For example, line A in the Taiwanese red could be good growers x good colour, or streptococcus resistant x good spawner, etc.

All swim-up fry supplied for use in growing broodfish will be clearly labeled with the strain and line. Nam Sai recommends that the customer maintains these lines to ensure inbreeding problems never occur. The lines can be crossed by taking the males of one line and crossing them with females from another line. The resulting hybrid fry are sold to grow-out farmers, but not used in producing new broodfish. Please allow a month for broodfish supply, as it takes time and planning to produce swim-up fry from each line. Normally the eggs from these broodfish would be combined and added to the regular production.

There is a broodstock fee that is charged one time for each strain purchased (a discount can be obtained for buying more than one strain) and this is added to the cost of swim-up fry. The broodstock fee need only be paid once every 3 years and any future fry of this strain purchased will be charged according to the swim-up fry costs only.


Especies Cuota de reproductores Costo/1,000 swim-up
Baht $US Baht $US
Tilapia del Nilo GIFT 40,000 1,333.33 160 5.33
Big Nin 60,000 2,000.00 160 5.33
Mag Nin 80,000 2,666.67 160 5.33
Tilapia Roja Taiwanesa roja 60,000 2,200.00 210 7.00
Thai roja 60,000 2,000.00 210 7.00
Roja R2 80,000 2,666.67 210 7.00