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USA agent – Dutch Boy Farms

Nam Sai has been exporting Nile and red tilapia swim-up fry to Dutch Boy Farms in Idaho, USA since 1996 and the relationship has blossomed. Dutch Boy Farms have been very pleased with the performance of our fish and are now our Nam Sai authorized importer and distributor in the States. We now send large numbers of fish on a regular basis and have perfected the shipping technique over the years.

Dutch Boy Farms, located in South-East Idaho, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains is supplied by 1,000 gallons per minute of the purest geothermal spring water at a constant 84 °F (29 °C). This provides the ideal conditions for growth of Nam Sai fish where they perform exceptionally in this spa away from home. Dutch Boy Farms can coordinate shipments of swim-up fry directly from Thailand or can supply 30-day old monosex fry directly from their own farm.

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